In the Time Of…

As people around the globe are engulfed in an unprecedented situation due to nCOVID-19, businesses are working to strike a delicate balance between empathy towards their employees and challenges to maintain business continuity. While employees are able to work from home as  they ensuring their families and personal lives are in order, all the while trying to adapt to “work from home” so that their work is not getting affected and maintain high productivity as close to normal as possible.

We have all acknowledged the Medical facilities & personnel, law enforcement/fire departments are on the front lines of this pandemic taking risks with their own lives to help others. However, behind the scenes, in order to keep all these essential functions in society keep on running, especially supporting the medical and law enforcement, commodity trading and operations is at the heart of it all. Even where governments have asked for businesses to lock-down, commodities are an exception.

In these trying times, it is of utmost importance to maintain the supply chain for food, essential products such as masks, ventilators, toilet paper. Various commodities are required for not only these life-saving products that need to be produced but also to keep our lights on, homes warm for all of us who are working from home and food we eat.

Farmers, truckers, rail cars/ships operators and many more are still moving commodities globally and a step behind them making that happen are the commodity trading firms where traders and especially operations/logistics and back office folks are ensuring everything is moving as normally as possible.

Along with all the medical professionals, law enforcement and as supporting cast, to all the commodity traders, operations/logistics and back office professionals, we at OneCore Global would like to say…THANK YOU!!

Stay Safe and Healthy Everyone!!


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