OneConnect™ Suite

OneConnect is comprised of break-through componentized and rules-based engine platforms; OneX and OneData, that seamlessly integrate with E/CTRM systems and may be setup standalone or together.

The platforms enable customers to connect their E/CTRM and other internal systems with Trades and Market Data, including:

  • Executed Trades from Exchanges/broker feeds.
  • Data providers including data owners/publications.
  • Data consolidators including Reuters, Bloomberg, Morningstar, and others.
Centralized/Core Product Server
Individual Adaptors within a common layer
Real-time SaaS/Cloud solution
UI based Rules Engine for Data Transformation


A platform that directs market data from various sources such as exchanges, publications, brokers, data aggregators & even spreadsheets and feeds it into E/CTRM, market data systems, and other downstream software platforms.


A platform that seamlessly connects and fetches executed trades on Exchanges and with Brokers and using a unique rules engine & feeds them into E/CTRM platforms and other systems such as Accounting, Credit, and Business Intelligence tools.