Invoices and Settlements remain one of the most manual and labor-intensive process in commodities and broader financial trading industry. The quantum of data makes the invoices and corresponding reconciliation a nightmare.
Faxes and documents (paper) via email remain the primary channel for exchanging invoices to Counterparts, Brokers/Clients, Agents, and Farmers. Though automation has been adopted in some internal tasks of reconciliation, the data exchange remains highly manual and paper based.

Data Driven and Digital Commodities has taken forefront role in commodities technology.

Manual and Paper based Invoice Management can lead to:

  • Longer Processing Times (using combination of electronic and manual steps)
  • Increased Human Error/Costs
  • Faulty Communication leading to unintended delays
  • Lack of Auditability/Compliance

“OneInvoice allows counterparts to use data driven platform to exchange and approve invoices accurately and faster. As a result, we can shorten the Payment Terms up to t+3 or even t+0 instead of currently prevalent longer terms” – Vikas Wadhera, Founder, OneCore global.

OneInvoice provides utilizes our patent-pending technology which allows for managing multiple data formats/sets based on Counterpart, Commodity, Instrument Traded, Region or other attributes. Data Granularity can be set based on market needs such as Hourly or Sub-Hourly for Power/Gas.

     How it Works

    • Setup Counterparts (or choose from existing list)
    • Setup Data Format/Templates
    • Send Data
    • Receive Approvals/Alerts
    • Reconcile with Internal Data (if necessary)
    • No Human intervention unless dispute arises

   What It Supports

  • Trade Invoices
  • Broker Fees/Margin Calls Invoices
  • ISO Settlements
  • Pipeline Settlements
  • Pre-Payments and Penalties
  • Onboard Communication between counterparts

    Value it Provides

  • Operational Efficiency
    • Productivity Improvement & Cost Reduction
    • Payment Terms Reduction – through faster processing time
  • Risk Management
    • Improved Decision Making and Planning
    • Credit Risk and Collateral Management
  • Technology
    • Automated and Integrated Ecosystem
    • SaaS Delivery resulting in low infra cost
  • Organizational and Strategic
    • Support Business Growth
    • Support Implementing Organizational changes
    • Execute on Strategic Organizational Vision

Key Features

    • Do Nothing – to send Invoices to your counterparts, brokers, and other business partners in real-time
    • 3 Clicks to Approvals – View/Review (or Reconcile)/Approve – 3 steps to send approvals
    • Automation – Approvals are received in minutes instead of days and update the E/CTRM
    • Communicate with counterparts etc. via the platform – No need to send emails or phone calls
    • Matching – Bilateral Invoice Matching with color coded results
    • Attach external documents such as Scale Tickets, Quality Docs, Bill of Lading etc. (if necessary)
    • Access fully Audited data including communication, approvals, and attachments
    • KPIs and Process monitors
    • Exposure Report, Aging and Walk Forward Report

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