In these times…how can we help?

With “work from home” or lock-down/shelter in place in motion, back-offices quickly moved remote last week. Inefficient processes including paper trails, not having access to the fax machines/scanners have created challenges and log jams. Communication with counterparts via phone has been hampered as people on the other end are also working from home and might not have access to each other’s mobile numbers.

As the virus has spread on all 6 continents, this has impacted companies globally as they cannot just transfer duties to their colleagues’ offices outside the impacted area or to their offshore support centers. Call to Action in these unique circumstances must focus on maintaining business continuity with utmost ease, reliability and least interruptions and above all timeliness.

The answer lies in “electronic” confirms and invoice exchange/approval where no more faxes and/or scanners are required.

OneCore Global’s platforms OneConfirm (“Confirmation as a Service”) and OneInvoice (“Invoices as a Service”) are available TODAY via 100% web enabled platform and native iOS & Android Apps. For your most impacted business, we can get you up and running within days including providing access to your counterparts.

Our flexible data set format allows to meet the needs of any commodity, instrument, confirm type (initial, price fixing etc.) or invoice data granularity (monthly/daily/hourly). Exchange Confirms or Invoices, communicate with your counterpart and receive aler

ts all through the portal with full audit. Specifically, we can help alleviate the pains by:

  • On-boarding your company and your counterpart with setup the same day
  • Quickly eliminating roadblocks by transferring confirms and invoices exchange to OneCore Global platforms
  • Eliminating paper from the process as much as possible
  • No more dependence on fax machines or scanners

… And much more to streamline the process

Here is a quick video of a typical scenario: OneConfirm   Approval Scenario


Considering these unsettling times, we will provide access to our platform(s) to you and your counterparts until your organization is back to its normal state. Reach out to us 24×7 at [email protected] or call +1-203-691-0010 to learn about how we can help with making managing the confirms and invoices easier when working remotely in the current global situation and beyond.

Oh Yes!! It works in the actual office as well as it does in home-office or anywhere else.

OneCore global ( offers OneConfirm (“Confirmation as a Service”) and OneInvoice (“Invoice as a Service”) that provides real-time electronic (paperless) platform(s) that seamlessly integrate with Trading and Back Office/Accounting systems. For more information, reach us at [email protected] or call +1-203-691-0010