Versatility of Many and Power of One

Versatility of Many

One of the challenges with digital transformation around manual processes is that over time, processes spin off in different directions like branches of a tree. Though there are small and subtle differences among them like their length and thickness, each seem to be different. Similarly, in confirmation process, due to manual processes and primarily paper-based communication (faxes or pdf docs via email), there are similar yet different sets of data that is exchanged between counterparts.

The inability to find consensus on data makes standardization notorious.” – noted an IBM executive speaking at Platts Digital Commodities Conference in NY earlier this year.

It is comparatively easy for derivatives but not so much for Physical trades due to nuances of different commodities, regions and even counterparts. So how do we bring everyone on a single format of data and be able to manage it all on a single system/platform?

Watch the following video to learn more about “BYOF” (Bring Your Own Format):

Power of One

OneCore global’s OneConfirm platform provides “One” platform that can handle “Versatile” formats of data and allow you to manage your confirmation data exchange with your counterpart seamlessly. Our patent-pending technology enables management of infinite number of data set/formats for each counterpart.

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About OneCore global
OneCore global is a front-line provider of in-cloud commodity management software solutions. The company is leading the digital commodities revolution with patent-pending technology that enables customization of XML formats in E/CTRM markets. Along with its suite of straight-through-processing software solutions, OneCore global offers solution support, consulting, and training. Headquartered in Stamford, CT, USA, OneCore global has offices in the UK and India.

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