Our Mantra:

“Commodities business is complex…Solutions Should be simple”

We embody KISS principle. Take a dive into our OneConfirm and OneInvoice platforms to dig deeper into Minimalistic UI, Workflow and Communication built into Single Window operation for all things related to Confirmations and Invoices.

Leading the Digital Commodities Revolution

Digitalization is going to take focus with ability to access data digitally across counterparts and business participants. Learn how OneConfirm and OneInvoice fits into that paradigm with data driven confirmation and invoice management.

Singular data format makes managing confirmations and invoices ineffective

As keynote speaker at IBM Platts Digital Commodities Conference said, “The inability to find consensus on data makes standardization notorious”, Find out how our patent pending design lends itself to provide the flexibility to accommodate requirements for different commodities, markets/regions and instruments.

Environmental Social Governance (ESG)

Whether it is eliminating paper, printers/scanners (and other equipment & related products), mail (and delivery related carbon footprint) or adhering to business ethics and better governance using a digitally audited confirmation and invoicing process, we can help with your ESG goals for a greener earth, happy employees & counterparts and responsible business yet provide savings for profitability.

OneMatch™ Suite

OneConfirm offers a platform to digitally exchange confirm data between counterparts, brokers, agents and other business partners in a secured, real-time integrated manner. Find out more on how a digital confirmation can be utilized to generate an unique token for for smart contracts for an end-to-end commodity management on blockchain.


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OneInvoice provides a platform to exchange invoice data customized based on commodity, instrument, region with counterparts, brokers and other business partners. Find out more on how to exchange and reconcile large data sets from invoices for a faster settlement process.


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OneConnect™ Suite

OneConnect family of software solutions enables customers to connect their E/CTRM, Accounting/Back Office and other internal systems with Trades Execution Venues (OneX) and Market Data Providers (OneData)

  • Executed Trades From Exchanges/Broker Feeds in real-time
  • Market Data from Data Owners/Publications.
  • Data Consolidators Including Reuters, Bloomberg, Morningstar, And Others.
  • One Source to One (or More) Destination System Data Service
OneConnect is comprised of break-through componentized and rules-based engine platforms, which seamlessly integrate with E/CTRM systems and may be purchased standalone or together.


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OneConnect is comprised of break-through componentized and rules-based engine platforms, which seamlessly integrate with E/CTRM systems and may be purchased standalone or together.


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Mobile Apps

Our platforms are web based available on the cloud. However, once you’ve a part of our ecosystem, you can also manage everything from your smartphone with our native iOS and Android apps

Work With Our Solution “On-The-Go”

Thanks to our mobile apps now available, whether you are working remote or are a farmer in the fields or an agent at the port or warehouse, our solutions become even more easier and accessible when you are on the go.

One Core Global Partners Partners

OneCore global joins forces with partners that enhance our commodity management software solutions and create greater value for our global customers throughout the commodities lifecycle.

One Core Global News

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Agiblocks CTRM connects with OneCore Global: Digital, Seamless, Faster – No Paper, No Faxes, No Emails.

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In these times…how can we help?

With “work from home” or lock-down/shelter in place in motion, back-offices quickly moved remote last...

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